Aaron is the creator of the very popular social media page @Underground_NYC – you can check out the shots from our last collaboration here. Only this time we shot in the NYC Subway!



Why Work with Aaron?

I really like working with Aaron because, not only is he an incredibly talented photographer, he is also very professional, absolutely hilarious, and actually gets the photos to you supa dupa quick! He also doesn’t over saturate his work with ridiculous retouches and post edits. He just goes for the real deal with a little colour correction and the odd black and white filter. One stroll through his Instagram feed and you will quickly fall in love with his work and unique creative perspective.


Underground NYC Squat


Style Inspiration

For this shoot my style inspiration was casual. I honestly wasn’t in the mood to get dolled up so I went for comfort and quirkiness. I wore my fav little H&M Garfield printed leotard with some cut up sweat pant shorts and my new Happy Socks paired with incredibly comfy Aldo boots. These boots are my go to in the Winter. I purchased them last season but I have noticed that Aldo has a few cute pairs in a similar style in their current season also.LATTE_44_RG_324LATTE_38_AALATTE_97_RG_324


They are deliciously comfortable and although they may be a little chunky to wear anywhere particularly fancy or polished, they are in fact PERFECT for Wintertime layers and adding a little height to an outfit without pulling out the stilettos or pumps when there’s three inches of snow on the ground…..uh-uh hunnty, no ma’am, we are not about that life.





Let it be known world. I absolutely love NYC. This isn’t even necessary for me to say here and now but I just feel inspired to. And since we are staring at photos of me galavanting around this concrete jungle, I want to share a little blurb about my love for it.




NYC is a beautiful and stimulating city that best serves those with a clear agenda or at least a developed understanding of who they are and who they are not. I don’t mean you have to come to NYC with your life together, your meals and gym schedule for the week all mapped out, and a diagram of your strongest and weakest personality traits saved to your iCloud….I just mean the further along the path you are to self awareness, the more productive of a time you will have there. The city will pull you and push you with all the trends of the times and the moods and vibes of its ever changing, ever growing population of doe eyed misfits, starving artists, hopeless romantics, and over-achievers. The energy is always shifting so on many levels, you really need to be the provider of your own gravitational pull to keep you grounded and sane.

But hey, I wouldn’t say when I first moved to NYC that I was anywhere near having anything together. I am just saying life would be a tiny itty bit easier. But even so, I also respect that we are fighting for truth, not easy.




When I arrived to NYC, I was 22 and a college student in my 3rd year. I worked at a gym for my first job making pennies an hour. I had no idea what a crazy mess the NYC dating scene was, and being the rom com fanatic that I am, I overly romanticized the city to an unrealistic degree making my ability to navigate the dating scene a complete and utter struggle. BUT over those first two and a half years that I lived, learned, and grew up in the city; my life, goals, and journey took on a million new senses of purpose. Enough for four or five people to have. It came with it’s ups and downs but I had so much fun. SO. MUCH. FUN.




NYC can and will be a good time and a load of laughs and fun for the right people, but for the even more desirable match, when you have a strong foundation and your vision for yourself is purpose driven and passion filled… you will be less easily swayed by the shiny superficial landscapes and ongoings of the city and better capable of building meaningful connections with the eclectic people, places, and things you come across on your day to day “grind”. The experience will truly be something magical and worthwhile. Take time to nurture your foundation and sew your seeds so after the inevitable moments of sunshine and rain, you will slowly but surely find yourself in bloom.

Create Magic,

René Daniella

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  1. Josie Jo wrote:

    The pics are great I recall seeing these on your insta a while back. I also follow Aaron’s account – can I call him Aaron too?? HAHA.
    While I’ve never lived in NYC I have visited too many times to count and will always return (to visit family and friends). And it is NEW YORK, the city that never sleeps and a foodie’s heaven. It’s a city I know there’s always something to do, and fun to be had. Even with this though, I’ve never felt like it was city after my heart that I could call home, and after reading your description of the strong character this city holds, I think I now know why.

    Posted 4.29.16 Reply
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