Caress discovered that nearly 70% of women have a beauty essential that serves as a major confidence boost and for nearly a third of these lovely ladies, its fine-fragrance! After considering it, I am definitely in that one third! I love smelling majestic and regal as I walk out the door.

Caress and the stunning actress Kat Graham, you may know her from the popular television show Vampire Diaries,  teamed up to help bring this technology and ultimately confidence boost, to everyone! The current campaign features original video content inspired by the diverse scents of Mystique forever (MY FAV!) and Enchant Forever body washes in the Forever Collection inspiring us to find our own way to release our #ForeverQueen confidence using the fragrance touch technology. You can watch Kat Graham’s groovy moves at

Join the campaign by sharing your own moves on Instagram and Twitter, tag @Caress and use the hashtag #ForeverQueen in the post. You could possibly be featured on the Caress® website alongside Graham if your video catches the attention of the Caress team!


Caress actually invented this “Fragrance Touch Technology” which sounds so interesting right?! So basically the Forever Collection body washes all have little fragrance pearls in them, so small you don’t actually see them, but when touched, you smell them! They release more fragrance from the skin allowing you to essentially smell fresh out of the shower all day. This collection is the first body wash of its kind to have this, which lasts for up to 12 hours giving you a FULL day of gentle fragrance on your skin!


The Caress Forever Collection can be purchased at your local drug stores such as CVS, and also at major food and retail stores. There are four long lasting, unforgettable scents in this collection so you have several options to choose from!

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