Curly hair is incredibly beautiful and magical and versatile!


I appreciate the hair challenges many of us faced in our younger years. The testing of hundreds of different products that in the end were just not made for our hair types. The detangle battle our arm strength wasn’t quite up to par for. The incredible lengths we went to destroy our natural hair textures in exchange for something more “manageable”. Or even the daunting stress that set in on the morning of school picture day. Sigh, if only we knew then what we do now! That our hair is incredibly beautiful but even more, that it does not define us. Let your hair be a source of inspiration. Be inspired to be bold. To be strong. To be Wild. To be different. I hope you love your curls and tell those old misconceptions that if it isn’t love, light, or laughter, then you ain’t got time for it.


Oh how I love them. They are incredibly simple to do and can easily be styled under a hat or scarf until they dry. They make my hair smaller but way more defined. I love twists for a classic look!

Hat Life

Twists Hat

Twists with a Head Band

Twists in a Scarf

Twist Out to One Side

Twist Out Side

Twist Out in an Up-Do with Pins

Twist Out Up

Twist Out with a Hat (One Of My Winter Fav’s)

Twist Out in Hat


I think braid outs are one of the easiest styles to do. As with twists, there are some lovely ways to style them until they dry and they give your hair a beautiful texture. By day two or three of a braid out I also find my hair has more length. I wrote my whole routine in an article so have a look if you would like more details!


Rene Daniella Braid Out

Braids in a Head Band

Braid Out HM Wrap

Braids in a Head Wrap

Braid Out Scarf

Braid Out 1 (Day 1, low manipulation)

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Braid Out 2


Braid Out 3

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Wash n Go

The wash n go is probably my most popular style. Its has the least real planning involved. I can rock it a few days in a row and I would honestly say I think it actually looks better with time! I think I have gone 5 days before. Shhh… lets keep it between us. I showed a few different versions of my wash n go’s. They vary depending on what day I am on, what products I used, how I wrapped it the night before. I also love to use a pick or wide tooth comb to increase the volume even more. I literally keep one in my purse at all times and if I leave home without it I just feel like a lost puppy.

Wash n Go 1

Hair Do Natural

Wash n Go 2 (See product regimen for this one here)


Wash n Go 3

WashandGo day 2

Wash n Go 4 (with an infinity scarf from Africa I am obsessed with!)

Hair Scarf Big


Bun’s are definitely my low time, low energy, low expectations-for-my-day type go-to. I mean they can be very cute but they are so low maintenance that they make a lovely back up plan!

Star Wars Princess Buns

Two Buns

Messy Top Knot

Half Down Top Knot


Up DO Bun


Head scarves are not just a bed time look! With the endless patterns, colour combinations, and textures, head scarves are a must have accessory at all times! I love to travel in them, to sleep in them, to work out in them, to cut-a-rug in them, to strut down 5th ave or waltz by the Eiffel Tower in them… I mean the list goes on my friends. Don’t tempt me to continue! I have a few other hair accessories I always keep around, even on holidays, but I am looking to buy more!

Full Length Scarf Wrapped with a Poof

Head Scarf

High Bun Wrap

Scarf Bun

Wrap and Flower Clips

Flower and scarf

Flower Clips

Flower bun


I rarely wear my hair straight. Before the following photos I actually hadn’t straightened my hair in about 5 years. I think it is another fun style curly girls can easily take advantage of but you just need to learn the best ways to do it without heat damage. I had mine done by my lovely friend and hair guru, Monica from MoKnowsHair.com. I got to model for her tutorial on Holiday Hair Styles. I felt like such a princess being pampered like that!

Day One


Day Two Straight Hair


These don’t even scratch the surface of all the amazing styles you can do with natural curly hair but they have been my go-to looks so far! I will challenge myself to be more creative and will share them. If you have any suggestions or questions, leave them in the comments! Also, if you want to see some videos by me, subscribe to my Youtube channel, OwnByFemme.TV! I will be posting my first video soon. It’s a surprise!

Create Magic,

René Daniella

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