When I find a beauty product I love, I am the kind of person to stock up on it during a sale. If it’s sold out, I’ll ask for an employee to check the back for more. I like the confidence in knowing it will deliver, each and every time.


Now, I am by no means am a girl who can’t leave the house without make up. Like anything in my style arsenal, make up is just an accessory! I usually find the best products thrRevlon Mascara Product Shotough recommendations from my girls or, lately, on my Instagram feed! A few of my favourite make up artists online are; my lovely friend Stephanie (@BeautyByLee) who has an amazing make up and beauty channel on youtube, the hilarious Alyssa (@ForeverFlawlyss), and the super talented Raye or as most would know her, ItsMyRayeRaye! If you are on Instagram and youtube you need to follow them and subscribe to their channels! All of these lovely ladies have insanely beautiful and captivating personalities and are such wonderful examples of strong, empowered women. They will inspire a lot more than your Summer/Fall look book, trust me!

So check out a few of the products I have found myself using daily! They range in price but are very easy to find at your local beauty supply or pharmacy and of course, online!

L'Oreal Paris MascaraL’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Blackest Black/ Noir– $6.99

You know what I love about mascara? Even when you don’t have time to ‘beat’ your face, a few strokes of mascara to each set of lashes will truly open up your eyes and your face overall. I like to keep a good lippy and this mascara in my purse at all times.


SMASHBOX Liquid HaloSmashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation– $42.00

Smashbox Liquid Halo comes in a broad spectrum of shades, has an SPF of 15, and is oil-free. I like the coverage I get using my Beauty Blender. I apply it starting around my nose and cheeks, then lightly build outwards. I prefer light, natural looking coverage so this process works great!

Beauty BlenderBeauty Blender– $18.00

I really love using my Beauty Blender! Its so easy to manipulate when applying your foundation and to keep clean when you’ve finished. I use the wide surface at the base of the sponge to apply foundation to the general part of my face. I then use the smaller pointed end of the sponge to add coverage beneath my eyes and around my nose.

Urban Decay Lipstick RUSHUrban Decay Lipstick in ‘RUSH’ – $22.00

The Urban Decay Lipstick in ‘RUSH’ is one of my favourite soft pinks/nudes for my skin tone. I bought it on my way to a photo shoot because it called for a nude look. I had a gander in my make up box and quickly realized it was full of magentas, plums, and seductive reds, but not a single nude! Since that shoot I fell in love with the simple look a natural tone lippy gives my face.

LVX Nail VarnishLVX Nail Lacquer– $16.00

LVX is a lovely brand of nail lacquer, not only because its durable and high quality, but its also eco-friendly and cruelty free! I have so much more research to do when it comes to environmentally conscious beauty brands but I am taking baby steps. This is also the first brand of “5 free” nail polish I have used but I am totally sold on its performance. One coat is great. Two coats and you are golden! My nails are noticeably less dry after I remove the polish than some of the other brands I have used and I just like the over all look and finish of them. Check out this article on Prevention.com about the 5 free nail polish classification. I’ve been continuing on the nudes and natural pinks trend and loving their Peony and Macaroon shades. Check out their site for more product details!

LVX Nail Polish Photo

Hope these were some useful product recommendations! Leave a comment of some of your fav’s and I will check them out on my next beauty product run.

Create Magic,

René Daniella

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