Everyone’s hair has different needs based on texture, porosity, styling preferences, environment, diet, and just over all daily routines. For some of us, especially true for myself, we might have grown up looking at our hair like it’s difficult and therefore not pretty and didn’t make us feel particularly confident in our looks. Possibly because we were just wishing it looked and performed like a different style/texture of hair all together. Or perhaps we were just never educated properly on how to care for our hair and based on what was available in stores years ago, us naturals didn’t have products that catered to our BEAUTIFUL naturally curly, coily hair textures. I’m obsessed with the diversity in texture of natural hair.

SO fast forward to today, I am really excited to work with brands like Pantene who have diligently built a product line that truly caters to so many different hair textures and needs. After reviewing a recent study that said only 1 in 10 women experience good hair days regularly, Pantene put together their 14 Day Challenge.

After working to create such a strong and diverse product range, Pantene knew if they got women to be more intentional in selecting a product that was catered to their hair type (which is quite easy to do with Pantene as they’re very clearly categorized) and encouraged women to use these products consistently,  they could very well improve these Great Hair Day odds. Well that is the hope! So here I come to give it a whirl.

I decided to use the Pantene Gold Series for my 14 Day Great Hair Day Challenge because it was formulated based on the hair textures of women of African Ancestry! Plus, after trying the intense hydrating oil once, it quickly became one of my favourite products ever- and I have tried A LOT of products.

Pantene Gold Series Products I Used:

  1. Moisture Boost Shampoo
  2. Moisture Boost Conditioner
  3. Leave- On Detangling Milk
  4. Intense Hydrating Oil
  5. Curl Defining Pudding
  6. PRO-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme

The Start:

My hair journey is flooded with hair dye, constantly changing environments, and inconsistent routines. Sometimes I wrap it at night, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I forget my shampoo at home and have to use the generic hotel version and sometimes I forget the right stylers. I would say the part that causes most of the mayhem is constantly bleaching my curls. My hair texture is quite resilient, but the lack of moisture is my downfall!

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The routine I followed for the Pantene 14 Day Challenge went as follows:

Wash with the Moisture Boost Shampoo. Then detangle with fingers or a wide tooth comb using the Moisture Boost Conditioner.

I styled with the Detangling Milk first, then Intense Hydrating Oil (my fav product!) and depending on the weather and my desired drying time I used Pantene’s Ultimate BB Creme on my ends and the Curl Defining Pudding on the hair that frames my face and my kitchen area! The more products I layer, typically the longer drying/ diffusing time so sometimes I won’t use them all.


By day seven I noticed I only needed to re wash my hair every 3-4 days because my curls were retaining moisture and definition! I quickly realized how the Intense Hydration Oil was helping me maintain that flexible, blow in the wind movement! Seriously, flexibility is what sets products apart for me! I don’t like products that turn sticky when combined with others and I don’t like products that weigh my curls down because they’re too heavy or just don’t absorb well. Finding a product that maintains moisture and flexibility is the key!

I loveeee that about this line. I also really recommend finger detangling for volume/definition. I had forgotten my comb at home so was forced to finger detangle this first week but immediately noticed it was easier with the slick of the Moisture Boost Conditioner.


I made it to the final day using the SAME products consistently and the results are beautiful, flourishing, flexible, hydrated, defined curls. My colour is still as bright as ever and I didn’t experience any build-up or dryness on my scalp. The ONLY thing I would suggest to Pantene is to add a curl refresher spray to their line up for refreshing day two and three hair. But water and a little Hydration Oil work too!

The major take away from this challenge is that you should select products catering to your specific hair type and to be consistent with your hair routine. BUT it’s great to know our hair is resilient and with a lil nurturing, can bounce back and flourish! I would love for you to try the Pantene 14 Day Challenge to experience consistently Great Hair Days!

A bad hair day can seriously impact our confidence. I am not immune to feeling like I would rather skip out on a fun outing when my hair turns out a mess after I put in the work haha it’s an instant mood change. BUT, they’re avoidable! And the Pantene Gold Series left my curls looking lovely each and every time.

Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments! This blog was written in partnership with Pantene but as always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


Travel, Love, Grow,

Rene Daniella xxo

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  1. Renee Huguenin wrote:

    April 28,2019

    I have been natural for about 5 months
    I decided to go natural because my hair broke off really bad in the back and I never knew why. After deciding to go natural I tried the Pantene Gold Series. The Pantene Gold Series products I use: Moisture Boost Shampoo, Moisture Boost Conditioner, & Leave on Detangling Milk. “I love the leave on detangling milk because it have my curls popping!!!”
    Renee’ Huguenin

    Posted 4.28.19 Reply
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