First of all, if you haven’t been drinking water today please go pour yourself a glass. I’m serious! Hydration starts from the inside out.

Skin Hydration

Why is it important to keep your skin hydrated? Apart from the obvious fact that dry flakey skin isn’t cute, when your skin doesn’t have enough moisture it loses elasticity which eventually leads to wrinkles. Now as we age, the level of elasticity in our skin naturally reduces but we can take certain measures in our skincare routine to keep our skin looking healthy and hydrated. Additionally, dry skin is more prone to scarring so keeping your skin hydrated is a great way to combat those pesky darks spots after a break out!


I have always been a huge fan of using face mists but up until now, I only really used them in my morning and evening skincare routines. I never thought to use them any other times! I didn’t realize how much the weather, our diet, and air pollution could affect our skin hydration throughout the day. The Olay Energizing Mist with Vitamin C and Bergamot is a great little pick me up for your skin that you can throw in your back and take anywhere. Vitamin C is great for brightening the skin and has also been said to strengthen the skin, preventing damage from UVA and UVB rays.


The Olay Mists are super easy to use. You can apply the spray before or after make up and any time throughout the day. I actually really enjoy using it when I wake up in the morning to refresh me and get my senses going. It’s a Godsend on nights where I don’t get as much sleep as I need to, its like a less aggressive version of splashing cool water on your face!

Additionally I love using the Olay Mists after the gym, during and after my flights, and anytime my skin is looking a little dull!

You can pick up Olay Mists at your local Target in the beauty section! This blog was made in partnership with Olay but as always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own. Thank you for reading my loves!

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  1. E Potts wrote:

    Rene will this help me at age 88 years.Icannot get out of doors very often and know the central heating will not be good for my skin .Thank you for all your sugestiond

    Posted 11.22.18 Reply