Perfume is always a good idea and honestly it’s something we tend to forget to buy ourselves, so it makes the perfect little gift! At Sephora you do not need to spend a couple of hundred to get an amazing perfume. They have something in every price range! If you know someone loves a specific fragrance, you can get them the 30ml roller ball and they’ll love it because it can fit right in their bag for a quick refresh. Speaking of Rollerballs, keep reading for a great deal on this Pinrose fragrance set!

If you’re not sure where to start when picking the perfect fragrance, Sephora has their quick and easy Fragrance Finder to help you out. Its a 5 question quiz (takes less that a minute) that results in a list of fragrances to choose from that match your preferences!

I have partnered with Sephora and Pinrose to make a list of affordable fragrance gift ideas!

First Up:

Pinrose Style Kit for $47!

This kit makes an amazinggggg gift. Just look at it. Cute, holiday chic, compact, and packed with fragrances! In all, it includes 9 different roller ball perfumes with different fragrance notes like vanilla and caramel, or refreshing nectarine, or peaceful white lilies! If you wanted to you could separate these little gems for stocking stuffers too.

For $47 I would say this is such an amazing deal!

For more gift ideas, have a scroll through bellow!

Thank you so much for checking out my post! This blog was written in partnership with Sephora and Pinrose Scents but as always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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