This self taught photographer, who actually started out simply shooting on his iPhone, has now built a following for his unique series of underground portraits growing to over 160K fans. Being one of those 160K, I was over the moon about the opportunity to collaborate!


And his work isn’t just popular in NYC folks. People both domestic and international have taken an interest in his very artistic and often risky images portraying a unique side of the New York City Subway. When I asked him why the underground, he said he wanted to show a different perspective of NYC. I would definitely say he has been pretty damn successful! I stole the following image from his Instagram feed because for me, it highlights what makes his work so captivating and popular.

Undergorund NYC Shot

The combination of such dynamic subjects against the dull, barren subway stations makes for some truly beautiful and compelling works of art. For a guy who started out as an “iphonographer”, he is doing incredible things!

Ads9nFofDTljaj8lJNA6yxDRZXIOPwAT5hwKWI8l_C0How We Met

I actually first came into contact with Underground NYC,  or Aaron, when he messaged me on Instagram to shoot while I was still living in the Big Apple. After seeing his images I was immediately interested in working with him. I was absolutely in love with all the ballerinas gracing his page in cute little tutu’s and gowns while the grungy subway in the backgrounds became a minuscule detail. We eventually planned a shoot but due to scheduling conflicts weren’t able to make it happen. Shortly after that I moved to England so all opportunity to shoot seemed lost and my little heart shed a tear.

It was thanks to natural hair blogger Ginny of FroGirlGinny.Weebly.com that this London underground collaboration came to be! Ginny saw Aaron was coming to London and reached out about collaborating. He agreed to do it and so we set the date.

clIcDtx1im2NZRSIOGDcCtGkpxCbpU3zMni7h-Vr2IUThe Shoot

The vision for the shoot was very simple. Aaron basically told us what he tells all the models he works with; for us to dress in a way that expressed our individual styles and character. It always makes me laugh when people say that because realistically, that would be a bunny rabbit onesie and an avocado hair mask for me but somehow I didn’t think that would fly. I happened to have gone shopping just before this shoot popped up and had a little Top Shop body con dress that I felt was a good look. I paired it with some coral River Island heels accented with frills and an open toe to give off a little sass. Because you know I am a little sassy on occasion ;). Then seeing as I have no real inclination for the artistry that is make up application, I stuck to my usual simple lipstick, blush, and mascara routine, then was on my way.

LVaKrqMAa8szIdy9vk60oSOauKHGKwzq0OZxBUML3H4Me and Ginny always have the best time when we collaborate. We assumed our usual crazy and goofy behaviour, which Aaron quickly got sucked into, making for a really fun and laughter flooded afternoon.bsWBvR8x25MJ33qXwvsXCJv50Y9zdCqbxwjQDmeJTO0The London underground has a lot to offer as an artistic space and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to create magic there with such talented and inspiring individuals as Ginny and Arron.xrqNYGSmWf61ChHXRcUeT2ySIpjws9CK-XZ4xY-5NZ4 2DcspYU3ZC5G9_eO2BzmB1yat_ads7p0eBOtZy3ln-IS4qwGPJveGX2QHLXONqk_R7VGD0j8SCHOLR5z0m_jSoThank you so much for checking out our work! To find out more about Arron and his gallery, check out his website and Instagram. You can read up more on FroGirlGinny here and here 🙂


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Create Magic,

René Daniella

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  1. Tim wrote:

    Beautiful story and shoot. Hope to see another collaboration soon

    Posted 10.28.15 Reply
  2. Inspirational as always! I’ve been following your instagram but never got a chance to read your blog. I was quite impressed by your selfless approach to this blog. Looking forward to discovering more! p.s underground_nyc rocks :]

    Posted 10.28.15 Reply
  3. Inspirational as always! I’ve been following your instagram but never got a chance to read your blog. I was quite impressed by your selfless approach to this blog. Looking forward to discovering more! p.s @underground_nyc rocks :]

    Posted 10.28.15 Reply