What makes Raden so great?!?

I have been traveling since I was a wee little babe. That’s a lot of packing and unpacking. A lot of overweight baggage fees. A lot of lost but mostly returned luggage- there was that one dreadful time but we wont get into…R.I.P. to my fav soccer shorts from high school and my first digital camera. You will forever be missed.

With Raden you can save yourself much of the heart ache and frustration caused by travel mishaps that are reasonably preventable. Not only is the design of their luggage incredibly sleek, modern, and quite the fashionable accessory, it also comes with groovy technology that allows you to do the following:

  1. Weigh your bag before leaving your home using a companion app you can download to your phone.
  2. Also using this app, you can track your bag at the airport to see if it has made your flight or not using a built in GPS function
  3. And, for the real life saver- your Raden luggage piece can double up as a phone charger for up to four charges from two charging ports discretely built into the luggage designYou simply charge the bag before leaving on your trip and then plug your USB cord into the bag when your phone battery begins to get low. I’ve used this feature SEVERAL times on layovers and mad dashes from the airport!

Let me emphasize, you can’t order a car service from a dead phone or call big Papa to let him know when you get outside so he isn’t circling for hours 😛


Raden comes in a variety of colours including:

White, Black, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Light Purple, Light Pink Silver, Gold, and Bronze.

See some of the colours below or click here to go to the website!


Raden luggage comes in two sizes: the “A22” Carry on and the “A28” Checked Bag.

Carry On – $295

TSA-approved dimensions: 22″/14″/9″

Ultra light: 8.4lbs

Checked Bag – $395

Dimensions: 28”/21”/13”

Ultra light: 13lbs


The Set $595+

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