In just the first 5 months of this year, I have been to Cuba twice, Cabo, Turks and Caicos, Barbados, St. Croix, New York 4 times, Washington DC and Houston two times, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

You could say I have become some what of an expert on packing the essentials and getting prepared for different activities, especially during my time of the month! Mother nature doesn’t care about my need to swim with the turtles, 11 hour plane rides, or hikes up Lions Head mountain in Cape Town. She really, truly doesn’t. So I have partnered with Tampax to share my tips for handling your period like a Queen when your fast paced lifestyle keeps you on the go.

Improve Comfort & Prevent Leakage

In my recent research, I learned that we may be using tampons all wrong. As we know, our natural flow on day one does not match our natural flow on day four or five, and yet all too often we will use the same tampon size through out the whole time. Something I have started doing and noticed an immediate difference with, is using regular tampons on my heavier days and light tampons on my lighter days. I reserve my super tampons for the heavy heavyyyy days. But ta-da! I know this sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe the improvement in comfort and coverage. This has helped prevent leakage as well as any irritation caused by using heavy tampons on your lighter days where the tampon remains too dry.

The Tampax Pearl line gives you the best selection of applicator and packaging options to choose from, while also giving you amazing leak protection! Their unique LeakGuardBraid sends liquid up into the tampon so it doesn’t leak out onto your panties. They also integrate FormFit technology to eliminate gaps by expanding to fit our unique inner curves.

A Night on the Town:

For your girls night out pack a Tampax Pocket Pearl! They come in a small applicator package so you can fit them easily in your tiny clutches or coat pocket. They still offer the same coverage without bulking up your purse.

Living That Active Life:

Make Tampax Pearl Active your go-to for your high intensity days. This tampon is specifically designed to fit comfortably and move with your body during physical activity! Pack some in your gym back to keep them handy for the gym too.

For Your Tightest of Tights and Whitest of Whites:

Feeling a little glam? Tampax Pearl Radiant comes in groovy packaging that’s quiet AND resealable. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t discard your applicator discreetly, pop it back in the wrapper, hide it in a purse pocket, and toss it out later.

For more information on the Tampax Pearl product line, visit Tampax.com! Thank you for checking out my article and I hope these tips help you beauties!

Travel, Love, Bloom,

René Daniella

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