Their line is extremely eco friendly and they have some absolutely amazing products to choose from!

I received the following:

Black Clay Facial Soap ($24.00) & Lavender Shea Body Soap ($12.00)


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I am a huge fan of lavender as I find it to be an incredibly soothing scent. I know some argue that bar soaps tend to be drying, this particular one left my skin feeling very soft. The body soap created a nice aromatic and moisturizing lather. The black clay facial soap had a lovely clay texture when combined with water. It didn’t leave any residue on the skin and wasn’t harsh. I recommend applying your moisturizer soon after. My skin felt very clean and refreshed.

Night Body Oil ($25.00) & Facial Calibration Serum ($50.00)


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I have always been a huge fan of body oils. I like the way my skin responds to them and as of late, my interest in aromatherapy has grown too. This night body oil is so soothing. The fragrance might take a moment to adjust as it smells very herbal, like a bed time tea! I use it most nights and have been sharing it with my friends. We love it. The facial serum wasn’t oily as I thought it might be. I have quite oily skin and it had a very balancing effect. For the winter I would combine it with a good facial moisturizer to keep your skin protected from colder weather. I recommend it for those worried about oily skin like myself!

Deodorant Cream ($12.00) & Spot Treatment ($22.00)


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I was most excited to receive the deodorant cream because I have never tried a natural deodorant. This one you apply with your fingers. It is not an antiperspirant, which means it doesn’t prevent sweat. I didn’t notice a smell but I did experience wetness so I will save it for the winter time to see how it works for me. If you don’t perspire much this might be a great product for you! The spot treatment is a gem! I used it on a very unruly blemish and after two days of multiple uses per day the spot was dry and slowly fading. You apply the spot treatment using the roller application and it is easy to transport around. I HIGHLY recommend it as a must have product to toss in the purse!

Natural Perfume Sampler ($44.00)


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These perfumes are very earthy and warming . None are particularly over powering or too feminine. My favourite of the five samples was Blum! Such a natural and slightly sweet scent that took me away some where peaceful when I put it on, a mini holiday. I also loved the way it adjusted to my body after application. If you’re looking to try natural eco friendly perfumes, I would suggest these as a great start. They are especially beneficial for those with a strong sensitivity to chemicals.


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  1. environmentally conscious beauty products are the best in the long term, I liked the last one “Natural Perfume Sampler” I’ll try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 10.23.14 Reply