How I Reset To Achieve My Fitness Goals Featuring @lululemon!

Staying motivated on your fitness goals can be tough in the best of times but even more so when you have a lot going on. I have partnered with lululemon to share how I got refocused on my fitness goals and some tips for you too! If you’re not familiar with lululemon, they’re a really high quality and stylish brand of fitness apparel that were founded in Vancouver, Canada but quickly grew an incredible global community. The brand expanded from their deep rooted love for Yoga to include men and women’s fitness apparel for a number of sports such as running (which I’m most excited about!), hiking, cross training, and golf!

Rene Daniella x lululemon

What I love about lululemon

I am a big fan of lululemon! Some things I love most about their brand is that for one, their sportswear really truly meets the needs of a woman’s body in terms of support, comfort, and style. And two, they put so much effort into building and looking after their community. I love when a brand can offer you something that goes beyond material value. They’ve created #thesweatlife online community which is a hub for workouts thats help you build up a sweat and also mindfulness practices to help you unwind, control anxiety, and get centered. I am a very proud member of this community and appreciate that diversity is represented in both the teachers who instruct these videos and the members who follow them.

Rene Daniella x Lululemon

How I got back into my fitness routine

I’m usually living a life on the go and always juggling between building healthy habits and honestly just keeping up. But with current events, I found myself with more time on my hands than ever before. My initial reaction was more along the lines of “Great! I can finally take a break”. But as time progressed, I slowly realized I wasn’t really relaxing, just losing momentum and not feeling very energized or motivated. I had to put a plan into action.

Rene Daniella x lululemon

Step One: Write out your goals

I decided to lay out some personal health goals to work on and I set myself a time frame of 21 days. I didn’t wants to overwhelm myself with too many things so I focused on a few that would target fitness, diet, and sleep! These are the three areas that I have found to really influence my overall health. I didn’t want to just set a fitness goal without also considering some additional lifestyle changes that would set me up to perform at my best. I picked a couple goals for each category. I chose 21 days because popular studies have shown it takes about 21 days to form a habit.

Here’s my list:

  • Eat whole foods plant based diet
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • Run or walk, or a combination of both for a minimum of 3 miles a day
  • Complete 30 minutes of toning, sculpting, or stretching a day.

Those were my goals. It was amazing the shift I felt in my energy, my confidence, and my dedication within the first week.

Pertaining to my fitness goals, it’s not so much that the running got easier, but my desire to achieve my goal grew more intense each day as did my faith in my ability to do it. I also noticed a difference in energy and my level of alertness after getting more sleep and eating a cleaner diet.

Step Two: Outline how you are going to achieve these goals.

It is so important that once you set your goals you also outline how you plan to achieve them. To improve my diet I decided to start with eating more raw foods. This helped me combat cravings and forced me to get creative with different fruits and vegetables. I used google searches, youtube videos, and vegan instagram pages for menu inspiration.

Breakfast Smoothie

For sleep I set myself a little schedule with optimum times to go to bed and wake up the next morning based on my plans.

For my workouts and daily runs, I picked the online workouts that I wanted to follow ahead of time and kept the links handy. I have added new workouts as I’ve gone along but the more accessible it was in the start, the easier it was to maintain. I also picked my 3 mile running routes ahead of time so I would know exactly where I was going to run.

Step Three: Get your tools and resources ready.

I already outlined some of the resources I used for my diet changes including google, youtube, and instagram. Additionally I made my shopping lists from these menu ideas and I made sure to keep my fridge stocked with all the essentials so when hunger strikes, I was ready! I often made larger portions so I would be able to save a serving for the following days lunch or dinner.

Falafel Pita

For my runs and workouts, I got my apparel and gear ready. I actually really emphasize this step because when I first started running I thought my shoes were ok but they ended up not being the proper running shoes! So I had to change them and it made a world of difference.

Rene Daniella x lululemon

Check below to see some of my favourite workout and running essentials from lululemon. It’s so easy to navigate their site based on the sport and type of workouts you plan to do! I love that some sports bras came with the sizing option to select my exact bra size for the best fit! The high waist bottoms are a go to. Everything is made with great quality and the extra features like phone pockets and additional clasps are a nice touch!

Step Four: Get started!

You’re ready. You know what your goals are. You have your plan for achieving them. You have all the tools and resources set up for your success. So there’s nothing left to do but get started!

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  1. Your article is very logical and gives a great map for others to get themselves into a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Your positive energy may fuel a new pattern of living for those who have wanted to start the journey but didn’t know how. Kudos to you!

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