I love being a woman, I mean I really truly do, but our essentials pack list is like a work of art! Before my trips I always like to make a list just so I know I at least have what I NEED to make this trip one for the books, and anything extra is just that, a little extra cherry on the top of my getaway.

I teamed up with the lovely people at Tampax to help make your shopping process a little smoother AND cheaper! I carry Tampax in my luggage, my beauty bag, my backpack and my purse at all times so neither myself, nor my awesome circle of girlfriends, will find ourselves SOL when Aunt Flow pops up.


I always think it’s such a shame when women go on holiday and say they can’t do something like swimming or hiking or dress in something fabulous because they are on their period. I get cramps and I know sometimes we need a little R&R to cope but at the same time, I think we could do with a little mentality shift. And with the right protection, that is easy to do! Tampax Pearl is my GO-TO for tampons! Tampax Pearl has the leak guard braid to prevent leaks, fits comfortably, and comes in light, regular, super, or super plus to cover every level of our flow.

I refuse to miss a beach day, a quick dip, a layout in the sun in my tiniest of tiny bikinis so my tan lines are minimal, or any thing else on holiday. I am an adventure seeker and Tampax Pearl keeps me on my journey!

To shop for this trip, we are going to one place: Amazon.com

Amazon is my favourite! If you follow me on IG you have seen my daily Amazon finds, Its like walking through an empty mall where the only things on the shelves are the things you need and then things similar to the things you need, all competitively priced and you’re not actually walking, there’s no long lines, you don’t have to carry anything, you can actually stroll through from the comfort of your bed. AND THEN your bags show up at your door almost at the blink of an eye. The good life.

You can visit Amazon.com to order all your essentials. And right now, Amazon is offering an awesome deal on Tampax Pearl purchases!

Click HERE to get your coupon!

They’re offering a $3.00 coupon on Tampax Pearl multipacks which is applied directly at checkout. Buying in bulk really saves you money! The more you save preparing for the trip, the more you can spend ON the trip. Every penny counts. Plus we get our periods every single month. Buying tampons in bulk should be the go-to already!

21 Essentials for your Spring Break Trip!


  1. Tampax Pearl-Multi Pack
  2. Sun Block (Face + Body)
  3. Aloe Vera Gel- moisturize your skin after the sun
  4. Rose Water- moisturize your face throughout the day
  5. Travel Size Product Containers for Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, etc.
  6. Holiday Fragrance (I take travel size perfumes or even testers sometimes haha!)
  7. Raw Shea Butter (trust me, your skin will love you!)
  8. Chapstick. Maybe even 3 of them so if you lose one you’ll be fine!


  1. Portable Speaker- beach and room jams are essential! Need a playlist? I got you!
  2. Headphones
  3. Portable Charger -MAJOR KEY!
  4. Polaroid Camera -they make for the best memories!
  5. Good Book
  6. Cards -me and my girls sat on the beach in Kenya playing UNO and it was HILARIOUS!


  1. Beach Wraps -I wear these every day on the islands and beach get aways, they pack so lightly
  2. Bikini’s
  3. Head Scarf- protect the mane!
  4. Sunglasses -2-3 pairs
  5. Sandals -black + nude because those two colours will match everything
  6. Bum Bag/ Fanny Pack- Yes you need it!
  7. Beach Tote -you don’t want to mess up your nice vegan leather bag!

I hope this list helps! Let me know what you would add in the comments below.

This blog was written in partnership with Amazon and Tampax but as always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Have an amazing trip!!

Travel, Love, Grow,

René Daniella

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