I absolutely love the Bb.Curl line and have used it to style these wild curls of mine several times over the past few months. The following is a review of the products I used in a recent summer styling tutorial I shared to my Youtube channel, I took the Bumble and bumble Bb.Curl products with me on holiday to the French Caribbean island of St. Barts where I enjoyed clear waters, white sand, and lots and lots of sunshine! I have colour treated hair so I have to be careful about protecting it from the elements and these products worked wonderfully.

Bb.Curl sulfate free shampoo

I really like this shampoo because not only is it sulfate free, it’s paraben and alcohol free also, basically meaning it will not be drying on your curls. When washing your hair, it makes a light lather and rinses out easily. The resulting effect is curls that feel super clean and soft.

Bb.Curl custom conditioner

B28N01_250x430 As indicated in the product image, this conditioner can be used in multiple ways. You can follow-up your shampoo process with it and rinse it out like a traditional conditioner, you can skip shampooing all together and use it as a co-wash, or instead of rinsing it out, you could leave it in like a general styling product. This is a DREAM for when you are traveling and don’t have the space in your luggage for an entire arsenal of hair care goodies. I typically use it as a traditional conditioner or a co-wash but I wouldn’t doubt its capabilities as a leave in product! I just haven’t had the need to use it in that way….yet!

Bb.Curl pre-style/ re-style primer

Ok hair primer, what exactly is it? A hair primer, similarly to a make up primer or paint primer even, does respectively as the others do; it prepares the surface of the hair to receive the product. Depending on the primer, in addition to improving the way the hair holds the styling products you apply on top of it, it can also improve shine, moisture, and aid in the detangling process. In the video tutorial I mentioned before, I didn’t use the Bb.Curl primer pre-style/ re-style pictured here because I wanted the added benefit of heat protection found in the Bumble and bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil heat/UV protective primer.

Generally I do use the Bb.Curl primer for styling though and have found it really helps with moisture, keeping my hair flexible and manageable, and also serves as an easy tool to refresh day two or three curls.

Bb.Curl defining creme

B28H01_250x430I am a huge fan of this defining creme for my hair type. I find it is very light and something I prefer to use in the summer months. In the winter I would probably look for a thicker hair creme or perhaps layer it on more thick, but in the summer it is a great, light weight hair creme to keep your curls flexible but defined. It’s also night and light for you to use on protective styles like braid-outs and twists.

Bb.Curl anti-humidity gel-oil

B28P01_250x430NOW THIS!! The Bb.Curl anti-humidity gel-oil is the product I think every curly girl needs to own in their product arsenal. It is the perfect hair “gel”. It’s not thick nor does it become crusty when it dries. It gives the curls a beautiful shine and is a moisture booster. It truly is my favourite product on the market right now! You can use a small amount to target areas where you really want to get definition. Like for me, I apply it to the hair that frames my face but you can also use it all over your ends and brush it through for defined tips. If you are traveling to humid environments then definitely give this product a try!

hairdressers invisible oilB1G_250x430
The hairdresser’s invisible oil is not in the Bb.Curl line but I thought I would throw it in! It’s a super simple way to add heat and UV protection to your style. I like it for when I am blow drying and diffusing. Its light weight and is also useful in preventing frizz when taking down braids or twists. Just apply a few drops to your fingers before hand!

*** All individual product shots are from the Bumble and bumble web site! ***

Bb.Curl TypingAdditionally on the website is a very cool curl typing section with awesome video tutorials showing fun styles created with the Bb.Curl line.

I definitely fall right in between the Coils and Corkscrews types!

Bb.Curl Coils and Corkscrews

Summertime Big Hair Routube BANDB

Check out my YouTube tutorial featuring Bumble and bumble’s Bb.Curl line for summer styling here. If you have any questions about the products, leave them below and I will respond, ASAP!

I partnered with Bumble and bumble on this post but as always, all thoughts, opinions, and editorial control remain ENTIRELY my own!

Wishing you all amazing gravity defying curls on your next summertime holiday!

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