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I have been going Blonde for over 10 years now! That is honestly so crazy and is probably a big part of why I struggle with length retention but its the trade off I made peace with because I really do love this colour!

I went quite a few months in between hair colour treatments and during that time, I also did a fair share of traveling. As you can see, my roots grew out so much and my ends became really dry brittle and dull due to lack of maintenance (weekly deep conditioning treatments, etc!).

When I returned to Los Angeles, I connected with one of my favourite celebrity stylists/ colourists, Alexander Armand, to update my colour and also repair my damaged blonde curly hair.

He did an AMAZING job! What a 180 from when I first sat in his chair. He used a mix of Bonding treatments such as Olaplex, to repair the damaged bonds in the Disulfide layer of my hair follicles. If you’re not sure what that is/means, you’re not alone haha I had no idea either. Through further research, I learned that when you do permanent chemical processes on your hair it breaks down these bonds affecting the integrity (read strength and structure) of your hair.

SO all this to say, protein and bonding treatments paired with a good trim will work WONDERS in repairing your damaged colour treated curls! I am so in love with these results! Here’s a video for you of the process incase you are struggling with the same issue and would like to repair your curls!

Repair Damaged Blonde Curly Hair Video on Youtube

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