Did you guys know that by February 1st about 80% of New Years resolutions fail? Thats a big percentage. Why do we do this to ourselves? I mean we have the absolute best intentions… we sit there like eager beavers, signing up to gym memberships, ordering healthy meal delivery services or juice cleanses… we plan to stick to this new lifestyle (so we can slay by May 😛 ) but somewhere along the way we lose motivation. We slip up. So the primary focus during this month it to hold each other accountable and to be a source of motivation and inspiration to one another! Let’s let go of the mental blocks and the excuses that have allowed us to put our health and fitness goals repeatedly on the back burner and actually DO THIS. 


The goal is to workout 5 times a week.

Throughout the month we will be getting ourselves moving by picking a new fitness class to try each week (spin, yoga, boxing, ballet barre, pilates, etc). This will get you working your muscles in new and different ways, plus hopefully help you find a fitness class you really enjoy that you can see yourself doing more regularly. It helps working out in groups and you never know, you might meet some new friends in these classes. If you aren’t signed up to a gym where they offer different fitness classes, check out ClassPass!  You can pick your level of membership but basically you have 5 passes to use at the various ClassPass partners in your city. They have a ton of different classes to choose from so if it is set up in your city, you will definitely find something you like!

For for the rest of the week we will be following along to a workout challenge put together by personal trainer, Katie (@KatieCakesBakeShop) that we can do in our own homes. The only equipment we need is a workout resistance band. She has given us three different routines that we will do each week, one we will repeat twice to cover all four days.






BUT if you want to replace any of these workouts with another fitness class or a Nike Training App or morning run, FEEL FREE TO DO THAT! 

Just make sure you workout 5 times a week. That is 20 days out of this 28 day challenge. WE GOT THIS!


Next rule: we are adopting a plant based diet with limited amounts of processed foods, sugars, and gluten!

I personally adopted a primarily plant based diet (I make certain exceptions when traveling) for myself, about 6 months ago. I was actually doing a 30 day vegan challenge and at the end of the 30 days I realized a few key changes in my body that pushed me to continue. My skin was clearer, my digestive system was running SUPER regular, my cravings were healthier, I was losing weight at a healthy, normal pace but also my waistline was smaller, and I just woke up with more energy each day!

In reference to my waistline shrinking, after talking to my trainers I learned about how diet affects body composition. This blew my mind! Your body composition is basically composed  your lean muscle mass to fat mass ratio. So I learned how different foods can affect how your body maintains or increases muscle mass or how your body is inclined to store certain foods as fat. But I am by no means a dietician or fitness instructor myself so you will need to research this information for yourself and consult with your doctor regarding any health questions! 

For some awesome vegan recipes, I recommend you purchase Aala Marra’s Cleansing Cookbook! I bought it and am IN LOVE with her recipes!! Stole these two photos from her book to give you a preview. UMM YUMMM?!?!?


This is something we all know yet still forget. We need to drink more water. Our body is about 60% water and every time we urinate (wooo we’re taking it there) or sweat, we are losing water from our bodies. We need to replenish! The basic recommendations is about eight 8 ounce glasses of water – about half a gallon. For our lovely workout schedule, we should up it to a gallon a day. Get what ever crazy water bottle system you need to keep on track and make it happen. Make sure you shop BPA free bottles and try to avoid single use plastic bottles when ever you can!


This challenge is a simple way to inspire you AND ME to keep pushing towards our fitness goals and a chance to try out a plant based diet for those who have been curious about it. I will be sharing the workouts, diet choices, and updates on my IG page and stories so make sure you follow me there! 

Use the tag #BodyInBloom28 on your photos and IG stories to share your progress with me! I will be doing giveaways on my page and hosting a couple events in LA so MAKE SURE you tune in!

Love you all to the moon and back 🙂

Travel, Love, Grow,

René Daniella xxo

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