No fear, I’ve partnered with Always introducing you to their new Always My Fit sizing system to bring you some great ideas for slaying summer trends!

Bust first, some advice on choosing just the right pad to give you the confidence to embrace your favorite looks without the fear of leakage.

Traditionally, I think the majority of us adopted a “one size fits all” mentality towards pads. A little fun fact: in 1983 Always had two pad sizes available on the shelves and what was the average size of a woman then? A size 8. In 2016 the average sized woman was a 16. We could find more pad sizes offered on the shelves but all based on flow… not our size. This is where Always really revolutionized how I look at pads with their new Always My Fit sizing system. The system,

which launched in May, helps women find the right pad size based on their panty size AND flow. Believe it or not, 60% of women wore the wrong size pads and 80% experienced leakage every month. That’s a lot of period panties and frumpy outfits if you’re expecting to experience leakage all the time! But with the new Always My Fit Sizing System, 100% of women can change that scenario.

How It Works

First, it starts with your panty size. Are you an x-small, small, medium, large, or x-large? Well there’s a pad for each one! Second, some days are light, while at other times, they’re moderate or heavy. Always has a pad for each one of those as well. Use the chart located on the side of the packaging to find your fit so you can rock what ever look you want this summer without the fear of leakage!

Now for my fav style trends to help you slay this summer!

High Waisted Summer Shorts.

Spice up your shorts collection this summer by diving into the retro high waisted look!

Whether you’re meeting up with friends for an afternoon of fun or heading to a picnic with your special someone, shorts are a great option during the heat of the summer. 

The Extravagant Sundress.

Do you prefer a boho style, a floral print, or a retro chic vibe? The choice is yours!

Just make it BIG and FLOWY! The sundress is truly a staple for your summer wardrobe.

The Two Piece Set.

A two piece set is perfect for an outdoor concert or add a pair of heels to make the look brunch party ready!

You can do them in prints, shorts or pants,  strapless or long sleeve, everything! I even mix and match some of my sets for more looks. 

Quick Quiz

You’ve been asked out on a date by someone you’ve been checking out for a while, but its your ladies week… Do you?

A. Make up a lame excuse and politely decline.

B. Adorn yourself with your trusty “granny panties” and dress like you’ve got something to hide.

C. Go out and buy the loveliest outfit, pick out the perfect pad using the Always My Fit system, and go live your best life?!

Hopefully you picked C because this is the time for you to get out and enjoy yourself! Don’t let your period stop you from feeling confident and being your best.

Always has a quiz on their site to help you find your fit. Take the quiz and let me know what you think in the comments below! Until next time…

Travel, Love, Grow, 

René Daniella xo

(This blog was sponsored by Always and I am an Always ambassador. All opinions shared remain my own.)

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